S_V_H Vivaldi – L’Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Concerto No. 2, Larghetto image2

Vivaldi’s Larghetto.  While reading the book 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die, there is early in,a painting by Masaccio called Tribute Money.  What is special about this special painting was the interesting colors of the robes.  This painting is looking to that painting to see how the different robe colors contrast  and balance with each other, and how tints of blue, red, and green  can be used in the background of this painting to give this work that classical feel. That is the thought, but ideas have a tendency to evolve,  most of the time that is a given.   That then leads to a work going its own way no matter what great ideas are thought of at the start: Art just happens.

The heat and work has worn down any momentum that this work deserves.  It is even hard to put down these words.  Time for a break.  Break.

Looking at the painting after working some new colors into the canvas, there is a desire to try to find a new way of applying the colors.  Just think, artists have been using a basic tool, the brush, using all kinds of materials, from animal hair, to natural fibers, to synthetic, all connected mostly to a stick.   It is about control and precision, understandable, but still there is a drive to somehow find a unique style with this most used artist tool.  That probably will not happen not just yet, the time does not seem right, and the focus certainly is missing. Its like the desire to find new colors to use, somehow, someway of placing color on canvas is yet to be found that will satisfy the dream of this artist.

Scott Von Holzen