S_V_H Vivaldi – L’Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Concerto No. 2, Larghetto image4

The music of Vivaldi, 3 panel 24 inches by eleven feet.  There was a lot of tweaking that has gone on with the background before adding the notes.  The confidence in what is being attempted with the background,  is just not there.   Even after all of those small modifications.  The idea is solid just the execution is in questioned.

Antonio Vivaldi’s music is exceptional.  This artist listens to his works and feels better connected to him, at this time, than the music of Chopin, Beethoven, or the perennial favorite Mozart.  Ah, Mozart. Understand at this point there is so much knowledge that is lacking that this artist can only base his musical validity on the  fact that music plays in his life in as many hours can be had.

Right now Imagine (painted) by John Lennon is playing on the computer.  On the way to work either the iPod, on the bike, or the SD card in the Pontiac are spinning the tunes. At work its the iTunes player and some 4700 of current 11500 pieces of music in the digital collection, played through a pair of decent speakers and a sub woofer, at any level desired.  This artist office room is near the server room which is far enough way from the rest of the office staff to be little of a distraction.  Maybe, a small distraction when walking by the office door, but that is done on purpose.

You see , when coming to and walking away from the office, the music is either a greeting or a farewell. Rare is the time that the job creates tensions that stops the music.  At home mowing the lawn, trimming and blowing all works better with ear protection and the iPod.  Even house cleaning, or home improvement projects, all go better with the help of the streaming service Pandora and the iPod. Going for walks also could not be done without the iPod.  Driving my wife’s car requires the moving of the music player to her car, because all she listens to is country.  Sorry, there is some rare, great country music, but most of it is, disposable. Now, listening to Vivaldi’s Concerto in G minor, huh.

Still there is the knowledge that the more this artist tries to better himself in the basics of Music Theory, or even leaning to play the piano, the more knowledge and skill is desired.   This artist is constantly humbled by those great Composers, and artists that bring life to music, and critical of his own lack of musical credibility.  Things will change, in time, if time permits.  With working full time, and other obligations, this artist is tired each day he returns home to the studio. So, yes things will change in time. If time is hopefully generous.  Now listening to Jackson Browne, huh.

Scott Von Holzen

One thought on “S_V_H Vivaldi – L’Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Concerto No. 2, Larghetto image4

  1. Thank you for sharing with us!!! I really love the white vertical bars in the painting!!!! That’s Antonio Vivaldi!!! That’s him!!!
    I remember in the four seasons, my favorite part was the discontinuous repeating sound on the cello in the summer part!!! He seems to like playing with this. And the white-vertical-bar sounds wake people up, and lead people to the content in this piece~.
    Haha~~~. You are really crazy about ipod. I cannot be like you listening to it all day, otherwise I will doubt whether I was in a dream of in life. haha~~~


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