S_V_H Vivaldi – L’Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Concerto No. 2, Larghetto image7

Listening to Ain’t No Other Man (live) sung by Christina Aquilera.

Three days ago:
Here is some thought before actually doing the work. This morning, after finding a long loss link,  an article in theCityReview  about the Impressionist & Modern Art auction at Sotheby’s on May 3rd of this year. The first image is of Picasso’s Femmes Lisant (no idea how to pronounce that). What struck was not the selling price, it came up short, not the subject of the painting ( do not see that) but the colors and the rounded shape and interactions of those colors.  The personal opinion of this artist is that most of Picasso’s later works, generally from the 1930s fall short, appearing to be done just to keep himself busy.

Still, after looking at this one work, never ever seen, there is a thought that those colors, the rounded shapes, and the dark outlines, look like something that could happen.

Two days a go: It appears nothing happened.  This style of painting by Picasso, which includes Le Reve (The Dream), and another painting that this artist discovered while searching for images of Femmes Lisant, La Lecture, could not be worked into the beams. This current work is to far enough along and the attempts that where tried looked dumb  and where quickly washed off.  The plan is to look for the next work to have some interesting beams that can be drawn large enough to see what has been learned from Picasso.

One day ago: The artist remembered there where four eighth notes,  yet to be painted that could easily be done in a early 1930s Picasso style.

Today:  The eighth notes are not finished but the idea and the execution is there.

Listening to The Temptations Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.  This is a hold over favorite from the movie The Big Chill.  Jaime O today was looking at the blog site and at this painting and was wondering if the wavy lines where ocean waves?  No, they are not, those lines are this artist exercise in trying to do something interesting with the boring lines that in so many of these works, just start at one end and go to the other creating a basic straight line effect.  There is,   a lingering Mark Rothko style to the backgrounds that started with the first music painting, and continues today, so do not expect those waving lines to become a permanent style change.  They break the norm, which is what they where meant to do; but that is about it. They are there for future consideration, and that is about it.

The Who are singing Substitute followed by Chopin Waltz #3 in A Minor, Op.34/2

If you compare the eighth notes from Hallelujah, which are quite outstanding, to those that are being drawn in on Vivaldi work, you see a representation that is a lot less stagnant looking.   One of this artist goal’s is make every effort to create movement across the canvas.  Here in this work Picasso shows the way. The only thing that bothers this artist is that Picasso painted those works more then 70 years ago. All art builds on the past, but this artist still feels a quilt and a need to find, similar to Jackson Pollack quest, a way to paint differently.

Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Final thoughts before getting back to painting: Not satisfied with the note heads. Not sure if the dark spots will hold.  Also, there is a need to pop the background.

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble singing Cold Shot.

Scott Von Holzen