Art vs Craft v2

All art is craft.
Not all craft is art.
The difference is
art was and always will be
an ever open revolving door
of perception.
Craft is a product.   svh


I am Scott Von Holzen the artist of high-end Interactive Constructive Sculptures or to simplify, Music Boxes. This art is about the up and down movement of harmony I first saw in sheet music as a seven-year-old taking accordion lessons. What makes my representation unique is that my notation is not meant to be played or sung. Each of these artworks is a unique visual of sound, seen in the paintings flow, the music’s story, found in the artwork’s colors and design, and the song’s performance, seen in the physical three-dimensional use of different materials. Since 2018 I have added playable music to my artworks making them interactive. Today all my artworks are interactive and defined as Interactive Constructive Sculptural Music Boxes. Each of these artworks can simply be understood as a portrait of a song.

Another point of contact and information is  https://www.scottvonholzen.com