My name is Scott Von Holzen and in a few words, I paint music. This art looks at how the music flows, and then creates an original presentation that is the movement of the music.  Unlike music notation these original artworks cannot be played or sung, for there are no elements of musical structure used or needed in their presentation. That means there is no need or purpose of this artist to use Time Signatures, Keys, Clefs, measures, or staffs, for all that is being depicting is the up and down movement of the music.

The viewer does not need to understand notation, but only appreciate music. This art leaves the sound to the musicians What these artworks display is a look that is designed for a particular piece of music

The style of this art is abstractionism, but unlike the statics of portraiture, landscape, still life, and unlike even abstraction, these images are constructed to move across the canvas from left to right.

This art is a tribute to diversity, harmonic sound, and the love of great music.

Scott Von Holzen

This artist website is  http://www.scottvonholzen.com

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