My name is Scott Von Holzen. I paint music. What you see in this art is the up and down movement of the music, that as a 7 year old, I discovered in sheet music. But, I am not painting sheet music art, or representing it. My music notation is not meant to be played or sung. That means I don’t need to use any of that sheet music technical stuff like time signatures, keys, clefs, measures, or even staffs, that corporate music owns.

To appreciate this art the viewer needs no understanding of music notation, which is true for many professional musicians. They, like you and me, only need to appreciate music. The point is you do not have to hear the music when you can feel it.

I encourage you to reach out to this art and Touch the Music.

Finally, if none of the above makes that much sense to you here is a simplified explanation of this art: see it as a portrait of a song.

Another point of contact and information is  http://www.scottvonholzen.com

Scott Von Holzen


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