This page displays all thirteen paintings from the Vivaldi Four Seasons series, that began in April of 2012 and was finished in early 2015.

All of these paintings are to be given away to a public museum or a corporation with public space.

I would be delighted to hear from any museum curator, or corporation,  that thinks these artworks would be a good fit for their facility. The rules are simply:  all thirteen paintings must be treated as a single artwork, and at less one painting that represents the current season is on public display.  If you think your museum, or corporation, has interest in these paintings contact me.

Scott Von Holzen


The Four Seasons is a group of four Violin Concertos. Each concerto consists of three movements that represent the emotional feel of early, middle, and late parts of each season. The Four Seasons Artwork consists of a painting for each movement, with an extra work for the Summer concerto, Allegro Non Molto, that started this series.



The First Painting of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons  is Summer Allegro Non Molto completed in April of 2012. This is an added painting that breaks the Summer concerto into four parts.  The Length of this work is about 110 inches.


The second Vivaldi’s Four Season painting is Spring Largo  completed in end of May 2012. Length about 120 inches.


Next up is Autumn Adagio Molto completed mid July 2012. Length about 120 inches


Completed near the end of August 2012 was Summer Adagio.  The length of this work is 144 inches.


2012 ended with Vivaldi’s Autumn Allegro completed mid November. Length about 180 inches in length.


This Vivaldi painting was completed early February 2013,  The Four Seasons Winter Largo.  Length just over 180 inches.


Another Winter painting completed in late April , Vivaldi’s  Winter Allegro. The length of this painting is about 216 inches and is the largest painting I have so far completed April of 2013.


This is Vivaldi’s Spring Danza Pastorale the eighth in the series. Length about 158 inches, completed July 1st 2013


Vivaldi’s Summer Allegro image 6, the ninth in the series. Length  184 inches, started July 2nd, and now is was completed September 2013.


Vivaldi’s Autumn Allegro 3 Mvt,  this artwork consists of 9 panels with a length of 12 feet 10 inches by 36 inches high, finished in January 1014



Vivaldi’s Winter Allegro Non Molto. This artwork consists of 8 panels with an approximate length of 17 feet, finished June 2014


Vivaldi’s Spring Allegro first movement.  This artwork consists of 5 panels 36 inches by 14 feet in length, completed in September 2014.


Vivaldi’s Summer Presto Third movement, Final image.  This artwork consists of 8 panels 34 inches by 20 feet in length, finishing the series in February 2015.




The Walk Through of the music that flows across the canvas.

Summer Presto:

Summer Allegro:

Winter – Largo:

Winter Allegro:

Spring Danza Pastorale:

Spring Largo:

Summer Allegro Non Molto:

Summer Adagio:

Autumn Allegro:

Autumn Adagio:

Autumn Allegro First Movement:

Winter Allegro Non Molto:

Scott von Holzen

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