S_V_H Concerto for 2 Cellos in G minor, RV 531, Allegro

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This painting will never be for sale, and will forever hang in my studio, for this music is my theme music. I do not think I can call the first movement from a concerto a song.

This artwork is a little over eight feet in length, and uses a style busting disruption of three ten inch wide canvases that are not directly connected to each other.

Here is the first movement from Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto RV531:

This artwork is as much about building a painting, as it is about painting. I am increasingly spending project time planning, building,  solving construction and placement issues of the music, that at this point in this art history, I can say that it is not correct to call this art form acrylic painting, anymore. 

Scott Von Holzen


S_V_H When Doves Cry Final image

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When Doves Cry 2017, acrylic paint, three canvas panels with wood and aluminum added, 52.5 inches in length by 25.75 in height.

When  Doves Cry is finished and is my second artwork dedicated to Prince.  I decided to do another Purple painting, because reluctantly, I sold the first. This artwork than shares style and the basic color themes from the painting Purple Rain, while expanding the colors and not using Purple Rain’s rounded flat disks for the purple rain.  Instead, for When Doves Cry, I poured the paint to create a better looking and rounder purple rain.  The big difference between these two works is the use of aluminum strips to connect canvases.  This new connection method used by When Doves Cry, for first time,  separates the music from the canvas.  This artwork is the result of an evolution in style that started with my first use of wood with Sweet little angel.

The first Prince painting, Purple Rain, represented a style pushed to its limits. This second Prince artwork, breaks with the past, by opening the door for other style possibilities.  When Doves Cry is a unique tribute to the originality that was Prince and his music.

Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H When Doves Cry image 1

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This is the second painting dedicated to the music of Prince.  My first painting, Purple Rain originated from a request by a Prince fan.  The artwork ended up larger and a bigger project than first thought, and the fan turned it down because of the cost.  I was actually happy with the idea of keeping this work, considering it an unusually unique painting.  That lasted a week when, with regrets, I sold it to the Prince fan’s wife for their anniversary.

I am using the color ideas from the research I did for Purple Rain.  To make this small artwork stand out I have decided to give it its own unique twist:  I have chosen a new material to add interest and a unique look.

What is special with this painting is that hole in the artwork, in which I will float the music across. The idea of spacing between canvases originated with the artwork, Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix, where I used square pieces of wood along the backs of the canvases to connect them. The painted look of the wood looked great for that artwork,  but I had technical problems which included straightness. To avoid those issues for When Doves Cry,  I chose angled aluminum for its strength, straightness, and exceptional ease of use.

There are no YouTube videos available for When Doves Cry:

Scott Von Holzen


S_V_H I’m Already There Final Image

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One canvas, 36 inches in length by about 22 1/2 inches in height

This is unusual, for this is the first and the final image for I’m Already There.  If you read this earlier post about the artwork, Please Remember Me, I explain why a song, I probably would never have painted, ended up as an artwork.


Here I am with the two painting set I mentioned in the earlier blog entry:

Both of these finished artworks have a country theme, shared colors, canvas size and compliment each other when place side-by-side. That means I can close the door on my time at Best Buy with the regrettable understanding that this is the only music I every remembered from that time.  Wait, I do remember one other song while I worked at Best Buy.  Not sure I heard it more than a couple of times, but it was the lyrics from Money for Nothing, by Dire Straits, that I do remember:

“We gotta install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries
We gotta move these refrigerators
We gotta move these colour TV’s”

In that day that song was a great fit for me and Best Buy.

Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H Please Remember Me Final image

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One canvas panel 36″ by about 24″ high

Please Remember Me, is finished and is the first artwork where I did not adjust the music to balance with the size of the canvas.  I let the music flow where it needed to go and that makes  this little work a pivot point for what will come next.  This painting along with its partial twin,  I’m Already There, are each 36 inches in length. This size makes it easier to find the needed wall space to get this art out in public view.  To help that happen I have applied for two local art shows, and I am working on a proposal for a local art gallery.  The art of marketing this art is as important as the art.  You can’t find an audience for paintings stacked away from sight.

Throughout this project I have kept the color range close together, working in shades of blue, and greens. In this final image I have decided to throw in some miscellaneous colors that probably have nothing to do with the theme of this artwork.  I added these little color pieces, similar as you saw in Satisfaction,  for a number of reasons.  I like using the little odds-and-ends pieces of wood in bright colors, here-and-there on an artwork to break up the work and add some interest.  I also think of these extra wood pieces as fragments of the music flowing around the painting. When listening to music there are a lot of sounds that echo, that blend, or taper off,  and that is what these little wood add-on pieces are there to represent.  It all adds up to making an artwork fun to look at.

Scott Von Holzen


S_V_H Please Remember Me image 2

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With this second image you can see the music going where it needs to go, with little concern for the  attached canvas.  This less contained design needs extra time to figure out the details of design,  positioning,  and securing of  the wood pieces.  I find myself taking more time planning and constructing that has challenged my carpenter skills,  and that rivals my time painting the artwork. I would like to see, when it works, if I can let the music move even more freely off and around the canvas.

Wikipedia says that painting on canvas began around the end of the 15th century with Venice Italy as a leader. Now it is the 21st century, and in keeping with the past practices I started painting music by using the canvas as a containment for my subject, music.  Only in the last year has this relationship between subject and painting surface began to change. At this moment I am now wondering if I should look at a piece of stretch canvas as more of a docking source, for the music, instead of the traditional material needed to hold the subject.

With this work I have had a lot of issues at attempts and errors to find the right combination of colors that are in harmony with the artwork and the music. At first the starting colors comes from the music, Then later in the project the color plan shifts to the painting. That is when I balance the colors of the artwork to build a stronger harmony for visual impact, and hopefully a good first impression.  It is in those first few seconds when a viewer gazes at an artwork,  that the hook needs to be set.  That doesn’t guarantee a successful paining, but it does help the artwork to find its own story.

Scott Von Holzen


S_V_H Satisfaction Final Image

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Two panels 26 3/4 inches in height by 50 1/2 inches in length.

Satisfaction, my first painting dedicated to the music of the Rolling Stones is finished. What I liked about this work is how well the dominate grays and shades of black worked with the here-and-there use of color.  The Impressionist painters avoided the use of  the black paint and only recently did I start using acrylic black.  I like the back-en-forth contrast between the blacks and grays and the brighter vibrant colors.  All these differences adds an extra push-pull to the music as it moves across these canvases.

The round wood pieces that are my musical notation, follow the flow or pitch of this song.  At first I painted them solid black with silver edges.  After I added and stripped those three half disks, which are my symbols for musical Ties or Slurs,  I knew that I had to do something similar with them.

The sharp edges of the stripping of the half disks reminded me of today’s digital images files.  Except, that when Satisfaction was going up the charts photography consisted of analog images on negatives. The look of half disks is dramatic, but for my notes to match the era of the music I chose short strokes of the different shades of gray and black, applied wet and blended to give the flow a symbolic look of negatives.

The different look of this musical artwork comes from its heavy use of neutral shades. This painting music brings back memories of a long time ago when I was young, and my world felt a lot more black & white.

Scott Von Holzen