S_V_H My Back Pages Final Image

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Two Canvas with Aluminum and wood, 26 1/4 x 17 1/4

My Back Pages is one of the smallest of my artworks, under thirty inches in length, and has the least amount of music. Since there is so little music present there is also little in visual interest.  That is the reason I decided to go further with my use of words in this artwork. I took what I learned from Lovesong, and in a free poetic style I brought words together from different parts of the music.  I deliberately chose words that have meanings far beyond their appearance in the song, and then I placed them randomly.  It is the words that connect this artwork.  I think this trend will continue because it worked so well in My Back Pages and Lovesong.

I cannot but wonder what would have happened with my art if I had not stop painting in the early 1980’s?  Back than I had no connections to the local artist community, and few opportunities to show. Basically, when I started I had a dream,  a few art books, and a spare bedroom to paint in.  From 1975 to the early 1980s I painted a number of portraits mostly from photographs of family and friends. I than ran out of subject matter, and along with the demands of earning a living my artist ambitions faded. In reality an artist prodigy I was never. In truth the drive and the limits of painting portraits,  and the lack of interest in any other alternate artistic genre,  brought it all to an end.   That was back than: “Ah, but I was so much older than, I’m younger than that now.”  Twenty-five years later I found a vision and a genre, music, that offers endless possibilities. The internet gives me the start at building connections, and I now have the time and the money to pursue  it all.  The biggest difference from than to now is that I  finally have the knowledge, the drive, the purpose, the goal, and the ambition to see all this through. As I have said before I am in it for the long run, and I hope you as the reader find this pursuit interesting enough to check in once in a while.

Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H My Back Pages image1

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This is the first image for a small artwork, My Back Pages.   Bob Dylan wrote the music for this artwork,  but I remember the song from listening to the band The Byrds.  The Byrds recorded a number of Dylan’s music, including Turn, Turn, Turn, and another favorite of mine, Mr Tambourine Man. I have always wanted to paint this music, mainly because of a line from the music:”Ah, but I was so much older than, I’m younger than that now.”   For me, they where words in a song that I liked and I guessed defined only as a 60’s feeling.  Today, I can probably best summarized their appeal by a quote by George Bernard Shaw “youth is wasted on the young.”

What convinced me to finally attempt this artwork was  this My Back Pages video, from 1992.  The video includes these artists: Bob Dylan, George Harrison (The Beatles), Neil Young, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Roger McGuinn (The Byrds),  and the back up band, Booker T & MGs:

I am using colors that give this painting that look of the 1960’s.  That means, I will be using browns, muted greens and blues.

One reason I picked this music  was that I could do a smaller work ( this one is under 27 inches in length), in a shorter amount of time. That did not work. It never works.  The size of an artwork only affects a predictable amount of time. The real unknown, and largest consumer of my time, is the problem solving in the constructing of these artworks.  That leaves me with my this reasoning behind doing smaller works, and that is that they are easier to store, and sell. Big artworks create a wonderful first impression, but since I am in the beginnings of adding Art Fairs to help promote this artwork, smaller paintings make sense in every way.  So there it is. Until I can find a Gallery to represent my work, I am becoming the weekend Gallery in a white tent. At less, I am not selling them out of the trunk of my car.

Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H LoveSong Final Image

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33.5 inches in length x 19 inches in height. Two canvases, aluminum and wood.

The subject of this artwork,  Lovesong,  is finished.  This is an adorable little artwork. Little also helps to cut the considerable amount of increase time that it takes to put together a three dimension painting.  By focusing on smaller paintings this helps to keep up a reasonable timeline, which good for my focus.  That is also the reason I only do one project at a time: I don’t want two projects to complete for me time.


The colors chosen are what I think works for the artist like Adele. I rounded much of the music to soften the look, and to give the painting a more feminine feel. The words are necessary generic, but interesting.  Since doing Gently Weeps, and because of reading the story about the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat,   I have added more words.

I have always thought carefully when adding words to an artwork, making sure that their meaning is more diverse than the music. Adding extra random words has finally lightened up this process up, besides adding interest. The solid color of the background puts the background right where I want it,  out-of-the-way.


I remember early in my artistic career  when I took the painting Fur Elise to the located Art Center in hope they  would display it in their gallery.  The work was decline.  The one comment that they made was that they thought the artwork’s interest would be too limited, appealing only to those with a music background.  Today, their point could still be valid. I don’t remember if I responded to them that day.  I doubt I did. Even today I am still not sure what I should have said in response.  I do know, that with each finished painting, I am once again spared the need to know what those words are.

Scott Von Holzen






S_V_H LoveSong Image 1

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This is the first image of the artwork LoveSong.  This painting continues the trend to smaller size canvases to accommodate larger music. The Cure released the song LoveSong in 1989.  The 80’s where a time that  I was busy so my appreciation of to music was hit and miss.  The only music I want to remember from that time came from Prince and Madonna, with the album Back in the High Life, by Steve Winwood being one of my first CDs. That sums up the 80’s.  So,  I heard Adele’s 2011 release of  LoveSong,   it sounded familiar, but I did not know why.

Here is The Cure’s LoveSong,  dated video, and for me, almost dismissive video:

Adele’s version, for me, takes this song seriously,  with a voice that is reminiscent of the best of the singers of  torch music:


This is my 59th YouTube video recapping two artworks: The Water is Wide and While My Guitar Gently Weeps review. In this video, like all the rest, I am trying to keep my production controls flexible and well within my non-existent budget.

S_V_H While My Guitar Gently Weeps Final Image

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Two Canvases, wood and aluminum, 37.5 inches in length by 18.5 inches,

I finished While My Guitar Gently Weeps with the word gently. Like all my artworks the words can be found in the music, while at the same time, leaving an opening for other meanings. What is new in this artwork is the number of words and their random placement.

I know this may sound strange but that change comes from the influence of the art of Jean Michel Basquiat, and his free hand use of words on many of his canvases.  This is an  example of Basquiat’s style that made me realize I could save time, and effort, while adding more words,  by easing up on the drawing.  I also saw in my own older artworks,  while taking new photos, how much more loose that style was.  Those early works and Basquiat could  bring this art closer to the music.  That is, If I can update that older style to where I am today.

I can say I painted this music because of George Harrison, and the music from The Beatles White Album, but it is this video from 2004 that reconnected me to this classic 1960’s rock ‘en roll music:

Next up Lovesong, by the Cure and the updated cover by Adele.

Scott Von Holzen


S_V_H While My Guitar Gently Weeps image 2

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps offers some new innovations. For example  my far left note is actually there although its physical appearance is missing. If you look at The Water is Wide this is where I started to use none existing objects to represent my version of real things.  I like, and can relate to, this reality for it reminds me of my interactions at my last day job.  This painting also has an obvious similarity to the structure of The Water is Wide, best described by the word cute. My hope is adorable can also be fine art.  If so than I think While My Guitar looks to qualify.

My music uses the color scheme from the Beatles White Album, mostly black and white.  These basic colors balance out that nasty but interesting background.

Scott Von Holzen

S_V_H While My Guitar Gently Weeps image 1

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This artwork gets its inspiration from George Harrison’s Fender Stratocaster named Rocky.  Here is George talking about the guitar in this poorly lit video:

Even though this music comes from The Beatles famous White Album, that I still remember standing in line to buy,  it is this tribute video, with Prince, that hooked me to paint this music:

At first I was going to keep the background for this artwork as simple as possible. This was to be a small quick turn-around work,  about 34 inches in length.  To keep this artwork clean-looking I painted the background around the center guitar neck image,  a solid pale green. That look worked,  but only if I was thinking of the post Beatles musician George Harrison and his album All Things Shall past.

I said that I originally heard this song on that album I stood in line for on that late November day in 1968.  That remembrance made me realize that I needed an early George Harrison.  Actually finding him was easy once I gave up the idea of a simple painting.  In my research, for this music, I  had come across the story of his Rocky guitar. It obviously is a treasure trove of color and shapes.  I could no longer resist this challenge and potential fun.

( Guitar Aficionado )

Regretfully, I could not find any mention or video of George Harrison playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps with this guitar, but the timeline was consistent.  Here is a short clip of the Rocky guitar from I am the Walrus on the 1967 Magical Mystery Tour album:

The results of changing my thinking will be a complicated artwork,  that will be a lot more interesting, and more important than I originally thought. No other choice. No filler painting here.

Scott Von Holzen