Music in abstraction ‘Cursh’ as of Jan 16th

Crush acrylic and water based oils on canvas 24 by 96inches

Struggle with the canvas last night.  I worked mostly on the beams of this music using sap green and discovering that I could create a similar effect with the beams as I did the the 8th notes and their flags.  It was messy with me running upstairs at less a half-dozen time to  wring out a wash cloth I was using to remove paint.   Using water based oils, from Windsor & Newton, makes changing your mind a lot easier to do knowing it is just a mater of washing it all off.  The big cost is the paint that is flushed down the drain.  I was using water based oil of sap green for it went on heavier then the acrylic version which I would have preferred, and used on the flag notes.  The beams are thick with color, more then I would like,  but when looking quickly at the canvas this morning, I thought for the most part it worked.

scott von holzen