Improvisation no. 3 2010 theme: mr sandman is finished

Ok…. after a lot of second guessing on Sunday and adding, then removing paint from the lower color band, thinking of Rothko as I scrubbed away,  all was done just after 5pm.  I find the playing with words that I used  does certainly push the painting and the viewer into a reconsideration of its meaning. Actually, every piece where there are words I try to spin their meaning differently from the music to claim a unique perspective.

And as for the musical theme this work is based on  sure,  you can see the golden sand and the setting sky in the background.    That is the symbolic tribute.    All that music stuff gets quickly loss as I progress with the art and the creation of a flow and the right use of color and balance.  When finished a work is judge by me as a work of art only.    The music has been absorbed in the canvas only exist in the mood and the title.  You see it always start with the love of music but ends with the passions of art.

I will be uploading a  final and much larger view of this canvas to my website so you can see much more detail.  It was hard to photograph this ten foot horizon… and although the glare is fairly well contained I am going to pick up some white  material tomorrow and see if I can even out the lighting even more before posting it.  There is going to be a 3 foot by 18 foot canvas coming up and I will need to fine tune my photography skills to have a presentable image.   We shall see…. more comments and the true thoughts about this painting to come.

scott von holzen