Chopin Fantasy nearing completion

I am dropping a note that I am in the process of wrapping up this canvas and starting the thinking ahead and the need to prep a new project.   I have spent much of this weekend working this canvas.

When all the main objects are in place, then there comes a judgement.  I pick the music because of it’s parts and now that they are all down on canvas,   I must discover next how  to make it a cohesive work of art.  A lot depends on liking the impact of the colors and their relationships to each others. I go over and over the same parts on different days, changing, adding, and balancing the contrast of many shades of colors.  That is what separates just doing this digitally and painting the idea on canvas.

I apply, like all people that paint,  thousands of individual brush strokes, to get the shapes, color and contrast right.  Nothing special about that, but I have realized how important that is today unlike when the idea  of creating works of art based upon music was developing.

There was a time I thought I could create what I do with paint now just by using  Illustrator and Photoshop on my computer.  No way, I know today that that. would never do.  And that is one good reason why I am not posting an upgrade picture of my efforts lately.  You see, moving in close, is one of the differences, that separates wall decoration from art.  And ……..that will probably never happen……for quite a while.