Imagine music theme, 2 panel 30 by 96 inches

The first flow of this music is done.  It went quite well.  When I find a section of music that I want to paint I always try to push it to the two edges with as many note objects as I can fit in the canvas I have prepped.  I sometimes take a number of evenings trying to decide the note size, and their separation.  It can get frustrating at times that I just cannot fit the music in the space provided.  I rarely compromise, and in a final acceptance I give up and  look for another piece of music.  Then it is the challenge to fit everything in and mistakes have been made in the past where I miss a note object and have to wipe clean the work I had done that night.  Even when no one will ever know, I do it all because I care about the music and want to  represent it in my art the best that I can.

Scott von holzen