Time after Time

I have a friend at work that wants  me to do a painting for his 25 wedding anniversary of a song by Talking Heads. While I was discussing the problem of finding the music I  asked him when he thinks of that music what colors come to mind.  He told me he did not know because his wife had not painted the room yet.  Later I thought,  I should have responded back with, you hang the painting then re-decorate the room.  But I did not.

A problem is as you can see from the different photos of stages of these paintings my colors vary a lot.   So, if I am thinking soft blues, who knowns for after a while I may be thinking punchy greens, with a little gold and pink thrown in.   If someone wants me to do a work in greens when the mood fits better blues and yellows, sure I will give it a green theme but every work of art ends up being a big pile of colors all mixed up and moving fast from left to right.

As for anniversary paintings, whatever.  As long as the finished work represents my best attempt when it is done,  I can walk away.  The painting and the fear of failure keeps me focused and driven.

Scott Von Holzen