Time After Time is Finished

Time after time is finished and posted on my website scottvonholzen.com.

I do like the way this painting finished.  The colors and balance is solid and I like the words.   I tried to take  only those words from a song that can have their own meaning not attached to the music.  The painting twists sheet music and lyrics in order to create, hopefully, a different interpretation.  I like how the notation is steadily involving into it’s own ways of defining the music.

A purpose of  any art canvas whether of a wheat field or the song Time after time, is to have it stand on its own not needing the original inspiration to have value.   These musical art works hopefully are doing that and just maybe are reaching beyond  simple depiction.  Possibly, Time After Time is becoming its own source of  music.  Sure it is a  a stretch maybe; but Time after Time could be viewed as an abstract or  improvisational musical work without any of the restrictions that sheet music has.

Just some thoughts.

Scott Von Holzen