At Last, 36 inches by 10 Feet, finished background

It is ten feet long……..much of the work done is hard to see in an image this small;  but understand there is plenty of ‘attention to detail.’   I have become driven in my efforts to create backgrounds that can stand on their own.  They all are abstractions.  And it has become increasingly challenging and  rewarding  to know that my efforts to allow this part of the project to have its own meaning has gain emphases.

OK, I just took a look at examples of all of the  Artists in the current Whitney Biennial 2010…………and a few of the abstract works I liked.   Most of what I looked at was ‘been there, seen that’ or just boring.  I am hoping they are all getting good money for the efforts; earned, no doubt.  I do believe there  will be a little room eventually  for me at a place like the Whitney, it just going to take and cost a lot of my precious time.

Scott Von Holzen