Chopin’s Nocture Op. 9 No. 1 image 12

This is a small section of this work showing some progress and some frustration in the direction. The notes are critical to the flow of the music like stepping stones that guide a viewer from left to right across 12 feet. Over five years they have involved from “watermelon seeds” (a passing comment) to little abstract paintings all to themselves.  The concern is that they maybe are becoming boring after so many canvases.

To keep them fresh and to appear more aggressive their angle has been elevated to levels no sheet music would ever use.  Also, different brush stoke techniques and color combos have been used, especially lately, to add  life.   Yet, there is concern and questioning about even going further and abstracting them.  Really it is irrelevant that the notes actually look like musical notes, who cares.  What is important is to put down on the canvas  objects to represent the music and the flow.  That is it, and that solution is what has been anxiously fleeting.

Scott Von Holzen