S_V_H Vivaldi La Primavera Allegro final image

Vivaldi  Four Seasons Spring Allegro, 2 panels 12 inches by 6 feet. What can be said is that this is a dinky 400 pixel picture for a small, by the standards, work of art, so detail is lacking.  This final, final version brought balance to the 5 eighth notes (those yellow things).   Enough disorder was left for them to counter nicely with the beams (those red rectangular boxy statements)  that hold eighth and sixteenth notes.

This is a simple painting that occurs about 8 bars into the piece, that reflects the easy beginnings of this classic.  Because of its straight, clear and precise sound it was easy to capture on such a small canvas the music’s fluid movement.

This painting may appear on the main website page.  If it does a much larger and more detailed photo will be posted.

Scott Von Holzen