S_V_H The Very Thought of You image9

fragment of 24 inch by 8 feet water based oils and acrylics on canvas.  There,  that is all the technical.  Everyone that knows this art says look for people that perform in the music world, for that is who will be interested in purchasing.  Or how about this, the subject matter is very limited.  That is good.  Everyone says or thinks such,  everyone but the artist.
The music is just the subject, like a person in a portrait or a Van Gogh Wheat Field, or interesting shades of gray in a photograph.   Something catches the artist eye and the talents are put to use to express what the vision is.  No difference here,  so get it,  or get back to the paint numbers wall decorations which fit nicely with the sofa. This art does not fit, it will always be one size to big.

Scott Von Holzen