The Journal – so it starts

Just finished The Very Thought of You.  I am going to post the before Birthday and after Birthday pictures to show how one day of sustained effort does make a difference.  It surprised me. That one painting changed the look of two works not just Thoughts but also Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Spring.

I need to better understand this; and that is one of the reasons I am starting this page. I have always been interested in the lives of Artists; but  way more interested in their daily techniques and how they did things, and went about their daily painting chores.  For example, I know Van Gogh was passionate about his painting but I want to know where he got his canvases from, what brushes did he use, how did he store his canvases and then ship them to Theo.  That stuff I find interesting.   That is the stuff about this art that is going to be IN the Category Artist Notes.