S_V_H Christmas Painting image1

What Child is This is this years Christmas Painting, close up. This is a dinky painting 20inches by 5feet.  The size is rather boring and surprisingly it’s size pales in comparison to the Chopin piece along with the sense of challenge.  Strange,  it was thought that a smaller canvas offered the chance to experiment with more freedom.  Yet, hum, that feeling still stands, yet, hum, maybe it is like betting with quarters instead of hundred dollar bills.   It is this way with each painting: there is an idea and a path to take and  for some reason the artist attention span is short, and the path quickly turns into a trail, into trampled grasses, into finally an open field filled with a breeze and a reassuring sun.  And what does he do? He puts on his sun glasses and searches for the way out.

Scott Von Holzen