S_V_H Heart Of the Matter final image

Heart of the Matter, 3 panels 36 inches by 104 inches is finished.  This is a strong painting in that it is in places rough and sketchy which contrasts with the soft, smooth, sharp, and precise areas of this work.   It is those such differences that are all of us and in all of us, and also in this canvas, that captures this music.

Listening to Wait A Million Years – The Grass Roots.

Here is the list of the different artist’s versions of  The Heart of the Matter that where listen to every night sometimes in a continuous play:

Cuppa Joe, Gwen Sebastian, The Harvard Opportunes, Idia.Aire, Roger Kardinal, Something Borrowed Something Blue, and two version by Don Henley, the album, and a live version that was the standard for this music.  Here is the YouTube link, performed live in 1994, so you can understand where this art is coming from.

The major first impression a viewer will have is how this music flies across this canvas.  This work, along with More than you Know, have accelerated that push from left to right.  Moving the music across the canvas has all ways been the major goal of this art.  What separates this art, from most abstractions of music, is that directional movement, that is consistent with the music, itself.

Listening to Domino – Van Morrison.

The take for this work:  The use of the one word is perfect for this music.  The Tie, seen on the very lower left, is beautiful and works beyond expectations.  The background, maybe still could be painted to better unite the work.  Then again, maybe not, for there was a lot of that done with this work to accomplish that point. So, maybe enough is enough, and this is all Heart wanted, or needed.  A concern also is with that one musical representation that is that very magenta or so note on the left of the image above. The question is whether this works or not.

The other objects, do work, and they are seen as the style to lead the way into the next work.  Sometimes it is hard to change what has become of a painting. Each of these artwork soon develop their identity, their own momentum, and when you have an artwork that has nothing to compare it to, you just finally except what is in front of you, and move on.

Such as it is with life.

The next work, started, is Body and Soul, with an explanation of why soon to follow.

Finally, there is The Black Crowes – She Talks to Angels, Chopin Valse Op.64 No.2, and Fragile by Sting.
Scott Von Holzen