S_V_H Serenade No.13 for Strings in Gmajor Final

Mozart’s Eine Kleinie Nachtmusik, K.525 Romanze Andante; and no I cannot pronounce that name, which is regrettable.  But the wondering is “Eine Kleinie Nachtmusik” may to be more attractive when seen as words instead of just being heard. This painting uses a total of 5 panels and for the most part it is 30 inches plus 2, by 120 inches plus 3 or just over 3 meters in length.  This painting was started on the twelfth of January, and Sunday night the twelfth of February it was finished.  The feeling was that it was  time to move on and  figure out what next to do.

Maybe because of the limitations of space, or the shortage of time that is available to painting, there is always only one work in progress at a time. The thinking is that planning ahead by picking the next music, and prepping that canvas, is the right thing to do, and yet it never happens.  It could be the lack time, but it could be the need to stay focused on the work in progress, that probably has the largest effect. Lately, there  exists a notepad with the listing of potential next work that is handy; but for the most part, the final choice of what music to do next, ends up being more of an emotional decision then anything else. The list be damned.

Listening to The Piano Concerto No. 21 – 2nd Movement – Mozart

This work  may very well have an effect on every painting done in this year.  With canvases, being attached to each other, laid on top, or off to the side, these additional pieces  have slammed open a lot of doors. As far as the color the browns where the most difficult to deal with.  They at first looked drab, until they where re-worked a number of times, and that seemed to help.  It does not hurt to try a color, and then the next day, over paint it. What you have then is the lingering effect of previous paints, that can add to the work’s depth and interest. In this work green was again deliberately held back.  The inner Light Violet speed ring on the notes was a surprise that worked. The four flagged notes where troubling, to a point that they finally convinced this artist, that the look was best for this moment.

So, what is going on in this painting?  I am not sure there is an easy answer.  It starts out as a tribute, and then it evolves from there. The beginning it’s meaning is easy, an artwork portraying a particular piece of music.  Now, at the end, there is still the music of Mozart, but what is on view kicks Mozart’s Serenade  right off its manuscript.

Listening to Escape Club – Wild Wild West

Lets leave it there.

Scott Von Holzen

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