S_V_H Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons(Autumn)adagio molto image1

Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Autumn – Adagio Molto 3  panels 108 inches (2.74m) by 36 inches(.91m).  The first image is this series is the single hard line that is there to hold the entire work together, no matter what else is done. Nothing special here.

Listening to Meat Loaf  – Objects in the Rear View Mirror.

Next is image two.  The thought here is to follow the the lines from the Autumn sonnet. Using H.C. Robbins Lando’s translation from Vivaldi Voice of the Baroque it reads:
Each one  renounces dance and song
The mild air is pleasant
And the season invites every increasingly
To savour a sweet slumber.

B.B King – The Thrill is Gone,  classic pop Blues.

The words that that were chosen for this work are from the second line.  The look of this work come from the fourth line.  The theme of this canvas is the coming of evening.  This third image shows this better with the top related more to the setting sun on the horizon. The bottom and left side of this work are painted to represent the base notes, and the gradual onset of evening.  At less that is the idea and direction of this canvas for now.

T.I. –   Big Shit Popin’

The second and third image are rough.  It is a surprise that all of these works start out much this same way, and how in the end they are refined to a level that fits the subject matter. Since this work is challenging past techniques, and styles, a clear direction is unknown.  A lot of thought is going to be given to what has been done so far, and what to do with it next.  We will see what happens tonight, but for right now there is concern.

The Doobie Brothers – Rockin’ Down the Highway.

Judy Collins – Amazing Grace

Scott Von Holzen

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