S_V_H Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons(Autumn)adagio molto image5

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, 5 panels 120 inches (3m) in length. I have decided it was time to move the photography of this artwork forward and work with RAW images. In the before time there was a 4by5 camera and a large format darkroom.  This photographer spend way to much time on darkroom techniques, instead of creative photography.  The move to digital and the end of the dream to be a professional photographer, especially after returning to painting in late 2004, all lead to the abandonment of the dark and the quest to be the next Ansel Adams. Today, I shoot  a Canon 7D with a Tamron lens, and shooting in RAW brings back some of those old beloved darkroom feelings.  Looking at this first attempt this web image is close to the artwork, in color and feel, but with a tad too much saturation.

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U  Music that needs to be painted.

Listening to Renee Olstead – Someone to Watch Over Me.

This work has been in progress of over a month.  Summer has slowed the art, and it may take another week or more to finish this work.  It is important to finish it soon to keep the momentum and interest up.  This  canvas has been demanding and it was only last night that I began to see some aspects of what I call a finished looked. That is telling that the work is starting to become its own statement.

Joe Turner – Shake, Rattle and Roll

Queen – Somebody to Love

The ties (all those squiggly  lines) will be the look that will dominate this work.  To note this is the first time  that there are combos of hand drawn and  ties created with the help of a compass.  The use of hand drawn ties, especially along the right side as this music ends, softens the look, similar to the music as it fads away.  Again you see the influence of Sean Scully, in the rectangle stripping.  This Vivaldi music is composed of a lot of dotted half  notes.

Clint Black – Are You Sure Waylon Done it This Way.

July Collins – Brother Can You Spare A Dime

The drawings,  in this painting, of  this arts version of the dotted half-note, were done to create a unique look for each. Since this arts focus has evolved over the years to be about displaying the of flow of the music, and not to replicate the actual music, that has created an environment of freedom that tests, and pushes to see how deep the talent is. Music is much more then the standard notation that gives it a representation.  The best  musicians take a song to new places, and own it.  But can this art achieve those same results?  That is this artist quest. Still can he own it?  That, is something  I want to find out.

Listening to Landside – Fleetwood Mac

Bruce Springsteen –  Because The Night

Scott Von Holzen

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  1. Wow … just about every one of these pieces absolutely blows me away. It will take time to digest all that you have presented here – but I really, really liked what I saw this morning. Beautiful stuff. D


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