S_V_H Birthday painting, Your ideas are needed. This is your chance to be part of this blog’s Art IN Music history.

July 31 2012 I will be sixty-four. On my last few Birthdays, I have spent much of  that Day, if obligations allow, creating a new painting from start to finish. It normally takes from three, to six weeks, which it took for the last artwork, to complete a painting.  So, this will be no small undertaking.

Here is my simply rule for this one day project:  I can choose the music ahead of time, making sure it will fit a prepped 2 x 6 foot canvas that is a blank white image. What has helped with color choices and layout,  these last two years, is the choice of a Master Artwork as a template.   Below are the Birthday paintings from the last two years, along with the blogging links:

This is Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey  Birthday Painting 2011 base on Vincent Van Gogh 1890 a painting.

The Long & Winding Road  by the Beatles, Birthday Painting 2010  based on another Vincent Van Gogh 1890 painting.  This photo is from just before midnight, and I look staged.

Here is what is in it for you:  Send in a comment, or email to swvonholzen@gmail.com, your choice of music for the 2012 Birthday Painting, any genre, accept rap (not there yet).  It would also be interesting if you would include the name of a Master Artwork, that you chose for the music, but that is not necessary.  Of course, I would have to find the music, kinda-of like it, and find a part of it that would fit that days canvas.  A lot of things have to work to be chosen.  To be helpful no downer music, and stay away from symphonies.

Whomever sends in the wining music for the 2012 Birthday painting, will receive a signed photo image about 17 by 6 inches on 13 x 19-inch glossy paper printed on a Epson R2000 printer.  I will  comment on the submissions, and announce the winner on July 30th.

Understand this is not a gimmick to gather information. This blog would never be about taking advantage of you, but the opposite of that.  I will be respectful of your privacy. Only those requested postal addresses will receive an image.  I am doing this for the challenge, to save indecision time, and to get more feedback.

So, what will happen on July 31, 2012, probably starting at 8am Central Daylight saving time, or 1pm Greenwich time, the 2012 Birthday painting  will begin with live blog updates throughout that day, and into the night.

Once again here are the links to the last two years Birthday Blogs along with the pictures of the Master Works that where chosen as a guide:  2011, & 2010

I will be updating this blog entry,  to comment on any suggestions.

Good luck, and hit me with your favorite music.

Scott Von Holzen

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