S_V_H Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons – Summer-adagio” image2

Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Summer adagio. This artwork is 12 feet(3.66m) in length by 36 inches(.91m) in height.  It is awkward to handle which I learned when I tried to remove this artwork from the easels and it swung up and hit the ceiling. The work consists of four canvases, so far, with the largest being  three by 5 feet. The words chosen come from the Vivaldi sonnets of which this is one translation from Wikisource:

” The fear of lightning and fierce thunder
Robs his tired limbs of rest
As gnats and flies buzz furiously around.”

Of course, this artwork is going to concentrate on the “lighting” and “thunder” parts of this poem. There might be a splash of “gnats” here and there, but that part of the sonnet does not inspire me.

Listening to:
Just in Time – Sonny Rollins
For You Blue – The Beatles
South City Midnight Lady – The Doobie Brothers

Here is the  link to the music, from an earlier blog entry.  On the left side of the full image you see and can feel the soft, reflective, sad, soothing  music. Then as the canvas expands, to the right, the thunder makes its appearance.  The artwork , starts just before the third rumble. Those light blue horizontal lines represent lighting. This is not a complicated piece of music and that may well be reflected in the end appearance and the shorten time needed to complete this artwork. Ahead there will be some interesting work done with the thunder and the overhead beams that are only now a drawing.  Already,  updates have added depth and an interest to those soft green circle notes.

THE  2012 BIRTHDAY PAINTING TO BE COMPLETED, ALL IN ONE DAY, ON JULY 31ST THIS COMING TUESDAY: This  Blog Link details how you can name a piece of music that you would like to see painted on that day.  If your choice wins, you then will received a signed, large-scale photograph, as a thank you.  I need more musical choices to choose from, get involved.

Here are the latest suggestions, with comments:

Simon and Garfunkel – I am a rock OR The Boxer
Beatles – let it be
Rod Stewart – Forever young
The White Stripes – Jolene (Dolly’s rendition was familiar to me growing up; but I like the edge in the White Stripes version

Scott Von Holzen