S_V_H Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Autumn – allegro image1

Image one on Monday:

This is the second image from Monday night:

The studio is not large enough where I can take a full image of this artwork.  What I have is drawing of the outline of the artwork which is 15 feet(4.57m) long with a height of 41 inches.  These pictures are not pretty and probably never be  throughput this project, until the last photograph outside.

This is my favorite YouTube video of  Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Autumn – allegro :

At 1 minute 26 seconds is where this artwork begins.  It ends at 1 minutes 32 seconds. That is right this 15 foot artwork using only 6 seconds of Antonio’s Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons,  RV293, Autumn – Allegro will try to capture the feeling of this entire movement. This may take time.  I am guessing over a month to complete.

Since this canvass has an irregular shape, the two preliminary yellow strips are there, for balance, and to pull this work together.  The green, is a starting color.  Even though this is a fall picture, it is early fall, and so the landscape would  still has plenty of green color used here for parts of the background to better help the yellows, oranges, and red colors stand out.

If you look closely at the first image you will see a lot of pencil marks that are apart of the math to  calculate where to connect the six canvases. This artwork flows with the movement that the music that drops down the scale.

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