S_V_H Dave Brubeck Blue Rondo á la Turk image 2

BlueRondo2 What you are seeing is the second image of a painting of two measures from Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rondo á La Turk. The change in style, that shows with this work, clearly works.  These two measures of music were found to fit an artwork around six feet in length. My goal.  This size allows more options to hang Blue Rondo at a different locations at the University.  After choosing the phrase from the music to paint, I than broke that down into pieces finding the right size canvas to fit each.  Next up I  connected those pieces, at an  exact sharing point, to best represent  this musical flow.  What you have now, is a better visual physical representation of those few moments, from this exceptional Jazz piece.

The overall feel of this Jazz piece, I do like.  I cannot help but use a lot of blues and deep greens.  The vertical red bars, which I mention in the video, still bother me, and will need more paint.  I have also done some work on the left beam, seen above as a drawing, but this morning I looked at the results and quickly decided that I had to think of something else.  What happens, with many decisions, is that they just pop into my head. Most of the time the decisions are correct, but sometimes like the effort with the beam, the paint looks bad.  I am looking for a new idea.  Tonight the small goal is the painting in the beams on Blue Rondo. I may then switch over to the Vivaldi work so I can apply what I have learned.

Scott Von Holzen