S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Winter – Allegro Walk Through

Vivaldi’s Four Season RV 297 Winter – allegro final work.  Last night I signed the back in two places. This painting  will soon be taken apart, and stored in two large pieces. I have no walls large enough to accommodate this work, so it will disappear and only reappear when the entire sires of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons paintings, all thirteen of them, make their public début sometime in 2015.

In a day or two I will take a  final portrait of this 18 foot canvas, outside.  This is possible because  today we are having our first Spring Day.  Interesting timing:  the end of Winter, occurring with the finish of Winter Allegro.

It was time to move on.  This work began on February 4th.  I think, the painting and I where both tired of each other.  Everything  just reach a point, where I had nothing else to offer it, and it seemed all right with letting go.

Scott Von Holzen