S_V_H Vivaldi’s Spring Danza Pastorale image2


This is second in the Spring series of  Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.  This canvas is a nice length of just over thirteen feet.  What strikes me about this second image, is how the well the look of the music has turned out, so far.  There was a worry mentioned earlier about how was I going to make the music work with, and not simply become lost in the background.  It is obvious to me, that the music has pull that off, and is back dominating this canvas.

If you look closely above you will see that I have taped around the rectangular beams.  I am using the same spreading technique that I used on the background images, but may change that as I finish up these ten boxes.  Because there are so many of them I can see them adding to the flow of the work in a dramatic fashion, if I can make them pop, hold their form, and capture as much movement as possible.

Listening to Seal Crazy.

You may notice a little different look with the blog.  I have widen the text area and increase the size of the header image, to give site a bolder look.

Scott Von Holzen