S_V_H Beautiful Day 2013 Birthday Painting Music 3


The stems are painted Paynes Gray which is a dark blue grey.  That is my U2 color of the day.  Still not satisfied with the flow circles.  Still, I am moving on for now.

Clue to the music next hour.

Scott Von Holzen

~ by Scott Von Holzen on 07/31/2013.

4 Responses to “S_V_H Beautiful Day 2013 Birthday Painting Music 3”

  1. Happy Birthday Scott – looking good!! will check in next hour 🙂 gina

  2. Very nice, we love it! – I think you’ve earned a Long Island Ice Tea.

  3. Happy Birthday Scott – Love the Magenta and Sienna! Reminds me of the Coneflowers in my Garden this time of year 🙂

  4. I back from dinner and my Margarita. The world is looking much better. I do not believe I have every had a Long Island Ice Tea. I would prefer a Mackinac shooter.

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