S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Summer Allegro image 5


This is a composite image of the ninth in the series The Four Seasons with music by Antonio Vivaldi.  You are looking at  a very small part of the flow of Summer Allegro.  In fact Landon describes this exact part of this music in his book Vivaldi Voice of the Baroque, . “The goldfinch has trills and very high alternating notes…..” That was a surprising find.

This is the point  that proves that all the measuring, and calculating was correct.  As always, to reach that conclusion, It took some nudging  and small compromises.  There are always these adjustments to the guessing and the planning.  In the end it all needs to fit: the music to the canvas, and my expectations.

This is an early summer work and I am going to throw as many colors that I can blend, mix, or use straight from the tube, to brighten up this image, to present to the viewer a vibrant picture of this time of the year.  I did some of this also with the first finished Vivaldi painting, Summer Allegro non molto,  that is  the lead in part of Summer Allegro. Nothing too special about the circles that represent the musical flow.  For my stems I did  mix complementary colors to help pop the look of summer color.  Now I am on to my musical beams, and again I am looking to build the shifting look of complementary colors.  I am hoping to fit the words, from this part of the summer sonnet,  in the frame you see above.  That one canvas is four feet in length.    Altogether is artwork is another fifteen foot canvas.  My hope is that someday when a first time viewer see this artwork, that they will see it through my eyes, and heart:  some may most won’t.

Scott Von Holzen.

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