S_V_H Up On the Roof image5


Up On The Roof is coming together.  As you move across this work, the mood of the artwork changes, along with the physical movement of the canvas which is a total of five inches closer to the viewer as you move across the work from left to right. It is impossible to see this in the image but trying to rest this work on two connected easels require adding an extension arm to hold the final canvas steady. This next week I will be spending time adding the finishing musical touches, cleaning up, and finishing the artwork, to give it that look, every artwork requires.  I am hoping to finish this work about the same time that I complete this years Christmas music.  I go back en forth between the two, which helps give me a better feel for the works, and moments between, to check their progress, and what I should do next.

Just a reminder here is the video of the Carole King, who wrote the music, and James Taylor that made in popular:

Scott Von Holzen