S_V_H All About Soul The Birthday Painting

This years Birthday Painting is Billy Joel’s All About Soul.  I actually decided that I wanted to paint this music months ago.  It was not long after I return home from emergency surgery that I heard this song and the words reminded me of the nurses that had help me in my recovery at the Hospital.

After my surgery I ended up in room near the Cancer Center.  In the few days I was there I  was lucky to get to know a couple of the nurses.  They made me feel comfortable, and they made it easier for me to work through all those small obstructions to back to normal. Both girls, Tina the shorter, intelligent, with curry hair and glasses, and Brianna the very tall, and slim, with short-cropped slightly stringy hair,  with the most invigorating deep voice, made my hard moments better, my small victories seem like great accomplishments, and my recovery stronger.  Their devotion to their jobs, their sincere caring,  and their sacrifices for me and all the other strangers that were their patients,  deserves way more credit, and celebration than just this musical art piece.

Although they do not ask for anything in return, when I heard Billy Joel’s All About Soul, I thought of those nurses. When I heard these words “The woman’s got soul,___ the power of love___ and the power of healing”, I knew this was a the song I had to paint and dedicate to all the nurses that make a bad time, seem pretty good.

So, I will start this work tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I will be posting my first images at 8 am and then every hour until the work is finished.

Scott Von Holzen