S_V_H Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix Image 2


Mon Coeur s’ouvre à ta voix, is an Aria from the French grand opera Samson and Delilah first preformed in the year 1877.

Here is another version by Elina Garanca, which I shared with you in the first post of this music:

Here is a very beautiful version sung by Olga Borodina:

Again here is another version by Olga Borodina, that is from the Opera in which this music is sung as a duet.  I like this operatic interpretation because for the man’s part, sung by Josè Cura, for he does not yell out his love for Dalila, like the other examples I have watched.  Instead his voice is full and strong in his heartbreaking statement of his love of Dalila.


As you can see this is another experimental work in the how of pushing the music off the canvas. This is not easy to do, which can be seen so far in my fairly primitive efforts.  These new ideas in composition are changing the philosophy of these artworks.  I am seeing a speeding up of the changes to my original idea for this art form, which came from sheet music.   Although, I have always been  abandoning different musical rules since my first musical artwork, I do see that trend becoming even more extensive, and obvious today.  These later paintings better display this art form in its efforts to portray the feelings, and uniqueness of the music,  while distancing themselves from any image that mimics what you see on a sheet of paper,

This artwork is interesting.  Not only is it being uniquely linked together differently from any other painting I have done, but I have found myself totally disappointed in the way I am  portraying the background for this music. I struggled with the background,  without finding a solution to this issue,  in my last work.   I am now convinced that after this painting, I have only the choice to change my approach to my backgrounds.  They are becoming boring, and repetitious.  I will eventually come up with something  that will even surprise me.  I just hope eventually, means in the next few days.

Scott Von Holzen