S_V_H When Doves Cry image 1

This is the second painting dedicated to the music of Prince.  My first painting, Purple Rain originated from a request by a Prince fan.  The artwork ended up larger and a bigger project than first thought, and the fan turned it down because of the cost.  I was actually happy with the idea of keeping this work, considering it an unusually unique painting.  That lasted a week when, with regrets, I sold it to the Prince fan’s wife for their anniversary.

I am using the color ideas from the research I did for Purple Rain.  To make this small artwork stand out I have decided to give it its own unique twist:  I have chosen a new material to add interest and a unique look.

What is special with this painting is that hole in the artwork, in which I will float the music across. The idea of spacing between canvases originated with the artwork, Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix, where I used square pieces of wood along the backs of the canvases to connect them. The painted look of the wood looked great for that artwork,  but I had technical problems which included straightness. To avoid those issues for When Doves Cry,  I chose angled aluminum for its strength, straightness, and exceptional ease of use.

There are no YouTube videos available for When Doves Cry:

Scott Von Holzen