S_V_H LoveSong Final Image

33.5 inches in length x 19 inches in height. Two canvases, aluminum and wood.

The subject of this artwork,  Lovesong,  is finished.  This is an adorable little artwork. Little also helps to cut the considerable amount of increase time that it takes to put together a three dimension painting.  By focusing on smaller paintings this helps to keep up a reasonable timeline, which good for my focus.  That is also the reason I only do one project at a time: I don’t want two projects to complete for me time.


The colors chosen are what I think works for the artist like Adele. I rounded much of the music to soften the look, and to give the painting a more feminine feel. The words are necessary generic, but interesting.  Since doing Gently Weeps, and because of reading the story about the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat,   I have added more words.

I have always thought carefully when adding words to an artwork, making sure that their meaning is more diverse than the music. Adding extra random words has finally lightened up this process up, besides adding interest. The solid color of the background puts the background right where I want it,  out-of-the-way.


I remember early in my artistic career  when I took the painting Fur Elise to the located Art Center in hope they  would display it in their gallery.  The work was decline.  The one comment that they made was that they thought the artwork’s interest would be too limited, appealing only to those with a music background.  Today, their point could still be valid. I don’t remember if I responded to them that day.  I doubt I did. Even today I am still not sure what I should have said in response.  I do know, that with each finished painting, I am once again spared the need to know what those words are.

Scott Von Holzen