S_V_H Chopin’s Polonaise in A flat major, Op. 53

I have painted Chopin in the past and certainly in the future, but,  in the now I am also painting Chopin.  This time it is one of his 23 Polonaises, and one of Chopin’s most admired compositions, published in 1843, according to Wikipedia. The casual listener to Classical Music will know this melody if not the composer.

Here is Vladmir Horowitz cruising through the hard parts of this Chopin Polonaise.  It is at 1:18 minutes and over the next second you hear the music of this artwork. Also, using Wikipedia I found the meaning of polonaise which is a dance of polish origins. Okay!

The smaller detail image and the full first image look a lot a like, and are not much to look it. That is because this artwork is a flash back in style to the 2016 Bach painting for the Grand Bach Hotel in Kyoto Japan.  This Chopin artwork is obviously different from my last post featuring the music of Tom Petty, and that is because it is a commissioned requested artwork to be done in the Grand Bach painting style.

Here is  the Bach BWV 988 – Aria painting, which is 64 inches in length, while the Chopin work is 24 inches by 36 inches.

Next up I need to add a foundation to place the music on. It will be something like what you see in those darker brown rectangular strips in the Bach painting.  This is important to do for by adding an intermediary structure on top of the background that will than connect it to the music.  Otherwise, if it is left out the music would seem to be floating in an empty space. My challenge is to accomplish this in way so that this Chopin painting updates this style.  I am not doing this project to repeat the Bach painting with a name and music change only.

Scott Von Holzen