S_V_H Chopin Polonaise Op. 53

This is the third image of Chopin’s Polonaise Op. 53.  Even though I have eliminated every rule of sheet music that defines it, and none of my artworks if attempted to be played would actually sound like the music they are portraying, that look of sheet music is definitely in this painting.  This is not an issue with Classical Music because I choose music that is in the Public Domain.  Still, I don’t generally paint music this way, because of the look, and because I would like this art to appeal to a greater audience of music lovers who would not necessarily understand music notation.

But……, what separates this artwork from most of my other current work, is that this painting is marketable to a large segment of potential customers which are musicians and lovers of Classical Music. These people know their music better than I do, and want to see the music in their artworks, and know where the painting appears in the original music. That is true of my client for this artwork which will be a gift for a musician.  As this art keeps moving forward creativity I must not forget what has gotten me to where I am today, and what will still support this adventure in the future.

Besides viewing Image 3 you can also see and listen to this wonderful piece by Chopin’s Polonaise in A flat:

For the most part the music is in place, and it does fit in this constricted format. The next step, which I have already started is to add some technical musical items you find in sheet music. I see all this add-on stuff as interest.  In this short excerpt Chopin used a number of “grace notes,” two “trills,” a couple of “crushed notes,” and a “fortissimo.” Each of these items need to be drawn in, and I am not a drawer. I rather take a photograph to save time. Like the words you see in most of my artworks my drawing skills need a lot of time, patience and determination to make sure the results are beyond  acceptable. Next up I will be adding more interest like “ties,” and “diminuendos.”

if you like to see another image of this music take a look at this piece of the original Chopin signed manuscript of this music,


Scott Von Holzen