S_V_H Time to Say Goodbye image1

Time to Say Goodbye is a European pop  song sung by the Italian operatic singer Andrea Bocelli, made even more popular when he paired with Sarah Brightman, an English classical crossover soprano (Wikipedia).


I found this music, almost randomly.  I have maintained a list of odds and ends  songs that I think I might want to paint.  At times I refer to that list when I have finish a project, to see if anything interests me.  Rarely, do I choose from it, but looking for a smaller project, this music stood out.

I made this artwork more complicated by not framing out the music in aluminum or canvas.  That lead to a lot of  experimenting with pieces of wood and aluminum to find a way to  support the music on each end.  It would have been easier if both ends, like all by earlier works of this nature, where framed with canvas.  Instead, I took on the challenge to design a different support system for the music. What I have works, but I know I can do better.  I also confirmed that Tacky Glue, my standard, works well enough for bonding pieces of aluminum and wood.

The  dominant colors used in this painting come from the artists in the video.   This is a color technique I use often for it works wonderful to connect the music to the artist, or a performance through video or pictures. Black and white where obvious choices. My choice was to use shades of rose, to emphasize the strong influence and performance of Sarah Brightman.

Scott Von Holzen