Mini-Artworks from Für Elise to Ode to Joy

Artwork acrylic paint, with aluminum and wood features, 20 1/4 x 12 inches high.

This is Beethoven’s Für Elise that is part of a Series of Mini artworks that includes works  by Chopin, Bach, and Mozart.  These Series of mini-Artworks, priced between $200 to $400 dollars, are for the local art market and their size and convenience might work for Art Fairs.  But, my take is that most Art Fairs are held outside, at best are quality Craft Fairs with high expenses, have unpredictable weather, lots of time-wasting lookers, and  few buyers for this style of Art, that is totally out-of-place in a 40 dollar yard art craft environment.  That means this year I will be searching for compatible indoor places to market these mini artworks.

Für Elise is place inside a 18 x 24 inch shadow box that I have removed the glass.

 All of these Mini-Artworks are part of name Series. This means for the mini-artwork Series, Für Elise, they are each signed, dated, and numbered on the back. This Für Elise is obviously No. 1 in this Series. Right now I have two other  Beethoven’s in Series. They are Beethoven 5th Symphony, and my latest Beethoven,  Ode to Joy.

Ode to Joy artwork will be in a pop-up Gallery show sponsored by ArtFly the last Saturday in February. The show’s theme is audience participation works.  In order to make my art interactive I added the music the artwork represents.

I am not thinking of adding music to all these mini works or my major Artworks. The music for Ode to Joy and the two other works in the Art Fly show came from Wikipedia’s List of free Sound Files.

Für Elise and Ode to Joy are both the largest in these Series of mini artworks.  They are time-consuming so they have an introductory price of $349. Right now I am trying to see if this area has a market for these larger beauties or even the smaller lower price mini-artworks.

Scott Von Holzen