S_V_H Mozart ‘Rondo Alla Turca’ image 3

Where did I get the idea that 230 year old Classical Music needed to be painted black and brown. Maybe it is from looking at 200-year-old Mozart manuscripts. This music by Mozart is also known as the Turkish March, the English translation of Alla Turca.   Actually,  I decided to use brighter colors once I listened to the astonishing speed of this music.  I should have known that Rondo refers to music that is to be played fast, maybe really fast.  For example here is a video from the Summer Night Concert 2014 with The Vienna Philharmonic with Lang Lang on the piano:

I made the choice of colors quickly because of the tight production schedule with this artwork.   I picked blue to start this music.  I than move up in intensity to the color red, and then back down to end with a light green.  This artwork has a random look and placement to the colors, and again, that is because I needed to move along. Where needed I will adjust on the fly.  So far I am also not feeling or seeing a personality in this artwork, which is disconcerting, considering how major this painting is.  What that means is that I have no straight path to complete this work.  That also means everything is up in the art and that I will be making some bad choices that I either live with or change. Change is always my first priority.  So it goes, and so will I.

Scott Von Holzen