S_V_H Rhapsody in Blue Image 2

For Rhapsody in Blue, I am following my current practice of building the artwork in sections off of the canvas frame.  In image two you can see the seven sections that compose this work.  Each part is carefully constructed so that when added to the artwork everything aligns.

What makes it practical to create these artworks this way is that I have all the beams parallel the frame of the artwork. This removes a common style of sheet music, where the beam changes it angle based on the up or down positioning of the flow.

I have always depicted accurately the up and down flow of the artwork. Breaking these artworks in sections has me thinking of  Cubism.   I would like to find a way to allow the artwork to still flow from left to right but in a lot loser, and disconnected format that still represents the music I am portraying.

Scott Von Holzen