S_V_H The Full Beethoven image 1

This first image shows the two similar artworks I am creating for the tent Art Show in Lakeville Minnesota. My theme for each of these paintings is The Full Beethoven.  What that means is that I am portraying the first 8 notes of his 5th Symphony.

Music courtesy of Wikipedia. Wow, that sounded good.  So good that I will be adding the music to each of these artworks.

It is unusual for me to make all the pieces ahead of time and then build the artwork.  Generally, I build complete sections of a project and then attach them on the artwork.  The plan to create these two same artworks together, was that I thought creating two of everything would save time. What actually occurred is that I lost efficiency by doubling everything, while at the same time trying to fix errors and solve multiple build issues. I have loss a lot of time and materials creating two of every mistake along the way. All the delays have resulted in me doing the three-step Tango throughout this project.

To paraphrase a favorite poet,  Robert Frost, “Moving right along, for I have no where else to be, and miles to go before I am finished.”

Scott Von Holzen

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