Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree image 1

To my surprise, Rockin’ Around the Christmas tree, is my thirteenth Christmas time painting. That is a lot of artwork time spent in the later part of the year, when I am not into Christmas music at Christmas time.  Instead I prefer an occasional Christmas song in the summer time.  For me Christmas music in July, is a diversion away from in-the-moment pop music, or when I am drowning in boredom from my own, aging playlists.  Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, sung by Brenda Lee, represents one of those great Summer Christmas songs, that will lift your spirit, and cool your temperature.

This artwork consists of two eight by sixteen inch canvasses, in a metal frame with a pearl colored background that does not portray well in the image. The music will be mostly in a Cobalt blue that worked well in the 2016 Christmas painting, Ave Maria.  A canvas image of this artwork will appear in this years Christmas card.

Scott Von Holzen