S_V_H Woodstock 2nd image

Woodstock first image

This second image shows the results of the scratch-off technique of the top layer.  I have mixed feelings.  I would have liked the words on the background layer to show better, to connect the viewer to the music.  To accomplish that, I realized I would need to remove too much of the top layer, losing much of the scraped look.   Also, because the words where casually applied their inconsistent look makes identifying them harder.  For comparison, here again is the original background of this artwork.  The words are there.  Whether anyone can find them and then read them only matters to me.   For now, they exist, and their colors show, and at this learning stage of this technique everything is subject to change with next artwork.

Next I will being cutting out 125 pieces of wood for my music stems.  I already cut out my poker chips note heads twice for this work.  The first size was 1 5/8 inches, which were too big.  I will save them for another project.  I returned to the drill press and cut another batch, this time sized at 1 1/2 inches.  They are all sanded and painted brown.  The stems will be stained and then painted.

Scott Von Holzen