S V H my Brother my Patron

Roger Lee Von Holzen

This bog site has existed for over ten years with the sole purpose of documenting this artist’s journey. That is what it has done and also that limitation is why at times it has failed to do. It turns out there is more to this story than me creating art. It is time to acknowledgement this art’s greatest patron, my brother Roger Von Holzen. Here are the images of the artworks and prints that hang in his home and a rental of theirs. Added to these pieces are the other art items, including prints which he gave to friends and associates, and his pivotal help in the sale of two other major artworks.

I have not been to my Brothers home for many years. It was an eight-hour drive to Missouri, and his considerable busy social and work related travels, and his many other travels around the world, made planning a trip to Missouri seemed a distant idea. Lucky for us, he and Myk traveled North each year to our family reunion and occasional visits. I am certain if I would have asked them they would have found the time and insisted on a visit. Our move to Eau Claire help cut travel time to seven hours, which made the difference.

There I was finally back at his house and the moment I walked in his front door, the artwork over the fireplace took my heart and breath away. Roger and his husband Myk, on a visit in 2008, bought What’s New, painted in 2007. My heart continued to fill again with emotions each time I walked into another room and there was another artwork or print on view. I knew the art he bought from me. What I did not know was how much this art meant to him. I should have known. I should have been more grateful. If only I would have.

Roger passed from my life on the morning of August 9th. I held his left hand, my other Brother Jeff held his Right hand, while Myk whispered in his ear, and around us were his closes friends and hospital staff. All of us were there for him until his last breath unselfishly allowed us to let go.

2020 Myk and Rogers last visit to our new home
I will always Love You

In 2017, I created this artwork for Roger as a gift for Myk. I remember Myk chiding Roger over the artwork’s theme song sung by Whitney Houston. Roger smiled and pushed gently back, defending his feelings.

Life is for the living, and I will try harder now to live it to my fullest. Roger certainly did. What he stood for and taught me was to do things while you can, whether it is creating great art, traveling to enrich your life, or attempting to connect with those you care about. Roger reminds me every day that the time is now, for the future may have other plans. I now understand Roger’s sentimentality over a song whose words speak about his love and devotion. Roger will remain a missing part of me that I can no longer touch, hug, or share a smile. I breathe for him in remembrance.

Scott Von Holzen