S_V_H Chopin Prelude final image

Seeing this artwork in the studio only then can you grasp its three-dimensional effects. Since I am in the Studio, I see enough pieces of this never ending puzzle snapping together to confirm this is the way forward. The long path of this art genre, Interactive Constructive Sculpture, or to simply (MusicBoxArt (MBA)), is opening to a clearing of whatever-I-am-doing, wherever-it-is-going, it all appears good-to-go.

MusicBoxArt the music

When I started this project, I took a ruler and open up the tailgate of our RAV 4 to measure what was the longest and widest artwork it could comfortably fit. That turned out to be an artwork 6 feet but no wider than two feet. I then returned to the studio to cut two feet off a 6 foot wide primed canvas roll for this Chopin project. Although the canvas was two shorter than I needed, I figured that was a problem I would eventual solve. I did. The length of this artwork (MBA) is eight feet, and the added two extra feet expanded the depth of the artwork, creating a dramatic effect. That is good. This music is dramatic.

Since the beginnings of this art I have tried different techniques to add movement and drama to these artworks. That was done in the effort to bring an artwork closer to the many emotional dimensions of the sound of a song. This latest music box is showing new promise.

Scott Von Holzen