S_V_H Gallery pickup comments

Top Beethoven’s 5th then Mozart’s serenade No. 13

This was what I saw when visited the Gallery where I have had artworks on and off displayed for sale since 2017.

The picture I took when I was about to leave. The Music teacher was on the left and a candy store on the right. Both are now gone along with my artworks.

I took part in two one day shows at the Gallery back in my old Art Fair days. I was asked and had a month long show then in March 2018. When that show was finished, the Gallery manager, Christy (a loyal supporter) hung on to a few of my works. Eventually, she gave me a more permanent spot to hang next door to a music teacher in March 2019. Later, because nothing sold, I removed and hung the wonderful artwork, Africa. That also did not sell. I replaced Africa with two of my smallest works, a little Beethoven and a Mozart piece. I priced them to sell even though the Gallery would take 40 percent of the sale. They did not.

Christy and I talked and neither of us had any honest ideas about why this art did not sell. She mentioned another gallery that had new owners. I told her I would be embarrassed asking them to sell this art when years have gone by at her gallery with any offers. I told her I would be back when the circle comes around. She said hopefully to display this art again. So that is what it is.

Scott von Holzen

(I searched my bog entries, but I found nothing about the story told to me by the music teacher when I stopped in to replace Africa. He said he was sad to see it go, for his students would press the play button on Africa to let him know they had arrived. He said he would post a picture of Africa on his Facebook page. Maybe some day I will remember or find out who he was and post that image)