S_V_H Wildfire final image

Photo 1: Wildfire final image on the easels. This artwork does not photograph well against the light background and the cloudy North light. ≈ L70.25xH37xD7.5

This is my final thoughts on the Wildfire video I uploaded to my YouTube. I have this account, to document through the years the progress of turning sheet music into art.

30 second preview of the music box cover music Wildfire

Going Deeper:

I did this video on January 6th thinking this artwork music box was done. It was not. Later in the day, I went about my studio, setting the goal of putting 100 items back in their proper space, before starting a new project. That was when I discovered I had forgotten to attach and make a number of other small musical items needed to complete the artwork. Sheet music designates, for example, some of them as a tie or a slur, or accidentals. I call all my additions to the artwork that are not notes incidentals. They now appear in the updated photo.

I am really impressed by the sound of this music. I built my music using a Bose system on my Windows 10 PC, and for the first time the sound difference between my Bose and my music box system is close to each other. In comparison the music box sound is lacking a small amount of bass, clarity, and depth of the sound. More effort on the music would bring the differences closer, but I need to move on.

For my next project I am already building the cover music for the 2016 music artwork, Under Pressure upgrade to a music box.

Scott Von Holzen