S_V_H Everglow image 2

EverGlow imag 1 the final floor image Feb 15th 1:25pm
IMage 2Feb 16 1:17pm
Image 3Feb 16 5:14pm

What you need to know:

EverGlow the frame. Feb 17, 1:12pm Image 4

Image 4 is crucial because it shows the basic structure that will support the rest of the artwork. The frame is a necessary key to constructing my latest art projects. A sturdy frame allows me to stand these artworks upright with the help of removable supports shaped as an upside-down T,

that then attach to the frame of the artwork. The stands enable me to tightly pack all my latest artworks together in an upright storage position. Without the stands, it would be impossible to safely store these works, or even be able to easily access them without damage. It is also probable, that without the stands I would not have the creative freedom I do now, to design whatever I wish to be my next music box.

Image 6 shows my T stands for the artwork Crazy.
EverGlow with the attached removable Van Gogh speaker boxes sitting 48mm above my still-life versions. Feb 17th, 2:39pm Image 5

Image 5 The overall structure of the artwork is done. Next up I will figure out how and where I am going to mount all the music.

Studio image of EverGlow’s music Feb. 17, 5:05pm

An art thing that crossed my path:

A lot of our local artists, who generously call themselves artists, either sell or if their products do not sell, they eventually reduce their inventory. I rarely sell. I would also never dispose of my artwork, either. Those works that have not sold, which is close to 200 of them, are stored in a climate control room. In the past, I sold a dozen cheaply priced early artworks on Etsy. The last Etsy art sale was in 2017 for $575.00. My last artwork sale was Walking in Memphis in the 2021 CVA exhibition in Wausau Wi.

Walking in Memphis was a breakthrough project. I put a lot of effort into building an artwork that represented the lyrics in a variety of found photo images. My arrangement of Walking in Memphis was also a breakthrough in the overall quality of my cover music. Today the artwork hangs in the Customer Service area at Wausau Coated Products. It is not in public view. And I believe it has never been powered on since it left the exhibition. That means no one has ever heard the artwork’s music box played.

What remains of Walking in Memphis Feb. 13th, 2023 12:00pm
Here is my master file of Walking in Memphis. Although my arrangement is from early 2021, and that music is tuned to the artwork’s music box, this cover music still sounds respectable through my Bose speakers.

Scott Von Holzen